Culinary chef from Jordan.

Mo'een discovered his passion for the culinary arts in Jordan 19 years ago. Self-educated, he worked in different positions in Middle Eastern five-star hotels until becoming a professional chef and master of the "de luxe" style of hotel cookery.

Mo'een moved to New York City in 2010 to experiment with the art of fine gastronomy, work with chefs from all over the world, discover new ingredients and taste new flavors. Five years later in this multi-cultural city, Mo'een has developed his own style of cuisine and, in the near future, will open his first restaurant "AZIAB" - the new vision of Arabian Cuisine in New York.

"I have extensive international culinary experience with a full range of abilities and passion for food as I experiment with fresh ingredients and innovative techniques. I worked extremely hard to create my own style of cuisine to become who I am. I'm almost there to cook only with local and seasonal products sourcing everything that's on the table straight from the farm. My diverse background in Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Japanese, Indian, American, Classic and Modern French, provides me with infinite inspirations while I'm cooking. And this inventiveness invariably makes its way into every bite I serve. I'm always excited to share what I'm whipping up with new people." - Chef Mo'